Development of specific recycling processes for voluminous scrap waste and residues.

Providing technical support and consultancy for other industries in correcting their process issues.

quality control

We have a strict quality control policy and all raw material undergoes testing before being processed and the final products are tested for metal content and other parameters like mesh size, pH, etc.


Ministry of Environment & Forests / Central Pollution Control Board REGISTRATION: The company was granted registration as a sound manufacturing unit with environmentally sound process technology and has been in operation for the last 18 years.

Welcome to Aashumi Chemicals

Properly handled, scrap, residual metal is a continuous and valuable resource that can be recycled into new products countless times while providing significant economic and environmental benefits.

We at Aashumi Chemicals, are one of the leading recyclers of non ferrous metals, located near Mumbai, India. We manufacture ingots and chemicals based on the quality and characteristics of the residual metal, scrap which we receive from the various generators. Our core business is as a processor of Copper and Zinc based scrap, residual metal as raw material for new products, besides other metals and elements, which are a constituent of the recyclable waste.

The Platinum Technology Award

In July 2015, Aashumi Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. received the The Platinum Technology Award For Quality & Best Trade Name in Rome, Italy. The award is presented to the Company as entity, for corporate achievement, to recognize prestige, innovation, quality & technology. It is based on the following concepts: Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Continuing Education and Trading, Business Results, TQM and TQCS (Top Quality Customer Satisfaction Standards).

The nominations and awards are based on reports carried out periodically through the association of Otherways Management & Consulting in Paris and other Consulting firms in Europe.

The award is thus a mirror of our efforts to achieve constant improvements in technological development and quality and a continuous struggle to improve our brand name.

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